Prom Queens for Lifetime

The First Couple to Arrive


Marti's Trucker Arrival



Andrea's Helicopter Arrival


Serious Dancing

Table Still Life with Eyelashes

Andrea, The Winner

All Images © Emily Shur

Earlier this year I got to go to three proms in three different cities for a new show on Lifetime called Prom Queens.  The series finally began to air last week, and  they started off with the Tatum, Texas prom.  All of the images above (with the exception of the show's key art) are from Tatum.  I'll post the other cities I shot as the episodes air.

I grew up in Texas, and I was excited to go to yet another prom in my home state - actually way more excited than I was the first time around at my own prom.  I think I attended for about 20 minutes before my friends and I deemed ourselves too cool to stay.  So, we left to smoke pot in my friend's Buick somewhere in downtown Houston probably making snide remarks about all the people at our high school who were busy having fun.  Anyway, long story short I don't have many prom memories.  So, I was very intrigued and excited to experience not one, but three proms in 2012 in different parts of the country and see what high school is like now.  I was asked to document the whole night as well as set up a seamless and shoot portraits of the girls in the prom court.  In the other cities, I was able to follow one girl all day and document her getting ready.

In all three cities, the arrivals were the big thing.  In Texas, they were the biggest and the best.  There was everything from an old school horse-drawn wagon to a pimped out John Deere lawnmower to two different helicopter arrivals.  All of the girls were really sweet and so excited.  Just merely observing, I was excited for them.  I'm not very girly and never cared much about stuff like prom, but it was very cute to see teenage girls genuinely excited about something and not just rolling their eyes and texting which is probably what I would've been doing if I was 16 today.  So, I hope they all had a great night and thank you to Lifetime for the awesome shoot!  

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