More Japan

Plants and Things, Yudanaka

Gas Station, Yudanaka

Portrait Studio, Kanazawa

Mailbox and Hose, Yudanaka

Laundry, Yudanaka

Little Shop, Kanazawa

Sweet Dog, Kanazawa

Omotesando, Harajuku

All Images © Emily Shur

Here are some images from past trips to Japan that I finally got around to getting properly scanned.  I worked on the color at a snail's pace over the past month or so.  Can't wait to go back.  To all the photo editors and art directors out there: I will happily work as a Tokyo local should the right shoot come up.

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  • anono-man

    Emily you are ROCKING it. So many “big names” around, telling everyone how great they are, but you — YOU! — are quietly going about your business, working on this personal project while at the same time producing commercial photography that is as good as anyone shooting. I bet you must worry — or at least wonder — like most photographer — how long you’ll continue to get good assignments. My belief is that you’re going to be heading continually upward for a long time.

    i’m posting this anonymously because i’m trying to stay out of the ever-vigilant eye of The Google, hope you don’t mind.

    Love the Laundry image, btw, elegant, simple, complicated, awesome.

    a fan on the east coast