My Feet (and Photo) in The New Yorker

The Tea Party © Emily Shur

I'm very excited to have my second shoot for The New Yorker out in the world now.  My photo accompanies Tessa Hadley's fiction piece, An Abduction.  Read the story and hopefully the subject matter will make a bit more sense to you.  Exciting clients often make the picture taking a bit more stressful and me all the more neurotic.  I know I should just relax, but alas, I cannot.  Pretty much ever.  Not to mention those are my feet in the picture.  So, um, double stuff for me to scrutinize and pick apart here.  But seriously, I am grateful to The New Yorker photo department for giving me fun and interesting shoots as well as giving my feet a very impressive debut venue.

2 comments to My Feet (and Photo) in The New Yorker

  • Saeid

    I opened this week’s issue of New Yorker and saw this amazing picture and then saw your name. No matter how excited you were but you sure have nailed it again with this shot.
    Great work!

  • Adey

    Great composition and colour. Like it!

    Will check out this edition of The New Yorker.


    PS – you have great feet!