Kevin Costner for Esquire Magazine

All Images © Emily Shur

I was a little nervous about shooting Kevin Costner.  I was told we were shooting at his house, but when we pulled up it was actually a plot of land upon which he was about to build a house.  There was a fancy mobile home that had sort of a log cabin vibe and a small garden on the property, and that was it.  The rest of it was a large amount of grass and construction dirt that led to some cliffs overlooking a private beach.  We only had an hour, and the magazine wanted something friendly and "unexpected".  I felt as though I had so little to work with visually which meant that I needed a nice moment.  I imagined Kevin Costner as really quiet, stoic, and sort of cold.  He was actually quite the opposite.  Although I don't think we broke new ground in the "unexpected" department, I will say that I left feeling good about this shoot - mostly because I felt like we had a good rapport for that small amount of time.  He was understanding and generous with his time.  I really enjoy photographing directors.  I'm always intimidated by them and then pleasantly surprised by their compassion for me and my job as a photographer.  They understand what goes into making a picture - be it still or motion - which counts for a lot.  At one point Mr. Kevin Costner put his arm around me, gave me a nice hug and proclaimed, "You're doing a good job!"  It was almost like when your dad is really proud of you.  A good feeling indeed.

Interview can be read here.

3 comments to Kevin Costner for Esquire Magazine

  • anon

    You are so good, Ms. Shur. Your pictures, at least the ones you release to the public, are unfailingly well-seen. You’re making a name for yourself in a competitive industry and in a tough town, and on top of that you’r managing to pursue your own art. It’s hard to step back and realize what’s good when you’re a freelance photographer. I know. I am, but not in your circle. I realized a couple of years ago after doing this for 30 years that, while I’m not as rich as former college classmates, and don’t live in a huge house, I’m lucky to have made a living as a photographer. Even if I don’t get a hug from KC on an assignment, I still think I’ve come out on top, making a life doing something I love. Well, I don’t always love it — you know — sometimes all you see is the great work everyone else is doing and the drivel you’re producing — or I’m producing — but not YOU! Keep going!

  • nina

    i love these and i think you totally delivered. you made mr. costner look modern and contemporary. no offense to the subject, but i think your shooting style makes him look better than he has in a while.

  • totally swag my dear !!