The New Yorker. Yes.

Photo © Emily Shur

Very very exciting.  My first shoot for The New Yorker is out in the March 26th issue, and it's not of dogs or people holding dogs, but of cats!  Yes cats.  Five cats.  Way to switch it up.  I have wanted to shoot for The New Yorker since I began taking pictures.  Sometimes the call comes when you least expect it, and sometimes the subject matter is also unexpected.  In this case it was a whole lotta cats.  In case you're wondering, this is not a composite.  All of the cats are there doing exactly what they appear to be doing.  This was a lengthy game of waiting for something exciting and spontaneous to happen.  Instead of exciting and spontaneous I got quiet and calculated.  I accepted the cats for who they were and just tried to be ready when they were.

Sometimes challenging shoots are challenging in all the wrong ways.  The ways that make it pretty much impossible to produce a good picture.  Other times the challenge is presented in all the right ways, and it makes you want to rise to the occassion that much more.

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