New Nature Calls Images - Part One

All Images © Emily Shur

A couple weeks ago, the husband and I rented a huge truck like this in efforts to make serious progress on and/or conclude this project that I've been working on (on and off) for about two years.  There were several factors working against me here.  One being that I really have issue with putting the final stamp of conclusion on anything.  I always wonder about what else is out there, what other pictures are waiting for me to take them and make my project that much better.  If I say something is complete, I worry that I can never go back and revisit it.  It pretty much dies, and while fulfilling a goal is happy, something dying is always sad to me.  This project has become way more to me than driving around searching for something to shoot when I'm bored and bummed about not working ("Gotta stay busy!  Always busy!  Always taking pictures all the time every second of every day!"  Shut up.)  It has become a true collaboration between my husband and myself and one of the many ways that my husband has proven himself to be the guy for me.

One night I came home, probably from yoga, and he told me he had an idea.  That idea was to rent this crazy truck complete with cherry picker for one week and just jam it out.  So, we did. Revisiting the first paragraph, another factor working against me is that I've always been very irrationally afraid of heights my entire life.  I've gone outside of my comfort zone before, but mostly for work related stuff where I felt I had no choice.  This was elective danger.  Something I don't do too well.  I agreed though, knowing this was the kick in the ass I needed.  We both took a week off and piled 2 cameras, some clothes, a dog bed and a bulldog into the truck and took off.  At first I tried to rig the 4x5 up on the side of the bucket.  That was clearly not working after going up above the 101 trying to focus, cock the shutter, and load film with what felt like hurricane winds laughing in my face.  Then, I gave in and decided to use my Mamiya 7 for the shots in the bucket and the 4x5 for the shots on the ground or taken from the platform of the truck.  The above 13 shots are all 4x5.  Here are a couple pictures of me attempting to look like I know what I'm doing:

First attempt with the 4x5 up high in the sky.

Slightly more at ease with the Mamiya 7.  Slightly.

Obligatory shot of The Baroness and me setting the camera.

So, this is just the first round of scans.  I will be going back in with some shots from the Mamiya 7, and I'm hoping they hold up quality-wise compared to the 4x5.  You can see my current edit of about 40 images here.  This was a really fun and productive week.  We (husband and I) both worked really hard and were a good team.  I owe him something real nice for this.  Suggestions?

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