Japan, Tumblr, Instagram, and Shopping

Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving for yet one more excursion to Japan.  This trip we’ll be hitting up Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, and a small island called Miyajima.  I’m sure I’ll blog a bit while there, but thought I could use this time to introduce my Tumblr which I have been minimally posting [...]

Two Shows During MOPLA

I’m excited to be showing work in two great shows this coming week.  One is the Pro’jekt LA show happening during the MOPLA opening night festivities.  Both fliers above. There’s all types of stuff happening at Bergamot Station, and Pro’jekt LA is just one of many awesome things.  That’s this Saturday night the 31st way [...]

New Studio Work

Angela Kinsey for People Magazine

Michael B. Jordan (and The Baroness) for Uptown Magazine

Tracee Ellis Ross for Uptown Magazine

All Photos © Emily Shur

Lots of recent shoots in studio with no bells and whistles.  Meaning, no props, no sets, not even any backgrounds.  This is how I [...]

The New Yorker. Yes.

Photo © Emily Shur

Very very exciting.  My first shoot for The New Yorker is out in the March 26th issue, and it’s not of dogs or people holding dogs, but of cats!  Yes cats.  Five cats.  Way to switch it up.  I have wanted to shoot for The New Yorker since [...]

New Nature Calls Images - Part One

All Images © Emily Shur

A couple weeks ago, the husband and I rented a huge truck like this in efforts to make serious progress on and/or conclude this project that I’ve been working on (on and off) for about two years.  There were several factors working against me here.  One being [...]

Ryan Sheckler for The New York Times Magazine

Photo by Emily Shur

Yes, more photos of people holding dogs!  And guess what…there’s no end in sight.  Anyway, in January I shot Ryan Sheckler for The New York Times Magazine, and it ran this weekend.  If you’d like to read the interview online here it is.

Smashbox ScreenSpace Interview and Featured Artist

Screenspace March 2012 – Photography Emily Shur from Smashbox Studios on Vimeo.

Hey world, check me out.  I am the featured artist for the month of March on Smashbox Studios’ ScreenSpace blog.  You can read the interview here.  Above is a slideshow of my work that will play in both the Smashbox WeHo and Culver City [...]

Goldie Hawn for The Times Magazine

My first shoot of 2012 has finally been published!  I got to photograph Goldie Hawn at her house on January 4th for The Times Magazine.  Loved her.  I was definitely a little nervous and intimidated, but Goldie was awesome.  She knows her stuff and speaks her mind, but in a totally respectful and [...]