Cody Paul for ESPN the Magazine

All Images © Emily Shur

I had an awesome time on this job.  I spent most of  the day with Cody Paul, whose story you can read here.  I remember being excited when he walked up because he had such a great look.  Loved everything about his face.  He was also extremely comfortable in front of the camera and was willing to do a few things that could've gone either way.  I shot him on the field in his uniform, then playing football in the park with his friends, and we ended the day with a portrait set up at his house in his room with his new puppy and whole bunch of trophies.  A couple of the above shots didn't run with the article, but I like them so now I get to show them.

I'm not a huge sports fan, nor do I know anything about football, but I love doing shoots like this that are a little outside of my norm.  I find that stuff like this pushes me a bit more as a photographer.  I think the trick is to keep that sensibility on all shoots, not just the ones we're nervous about.

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