Olivia Munn for PETA

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of photographing Olivia Munn for an anti-fur PETA campaign.  Here is a link giving you a little more info on this specific cause.  The ads were just recently released, and there's currently a big billboard on Beverly Blvd!  The above image was the initially approved billboard art, but it was deemed too racy (!) by the billboard company.  Weird.  So, below is the version on display.

I still love it, but I was surprised that the original was denied.  Here are the two print ads that will run in different publications here and there.  

I know, I know...the last one is almost identical to the first billboard shot, but I'm proud of this shoot, so I want to show as much as I can!  I'm also really grateful to Olivia for asking me to be a part of this campaign.  She looks beautiful, and kudos to her for being brave enough to put it all out there.  Most importantly this is something I actually stand behind and feel strongly about.  I am a die-hard animal lover.  Not sure if you could tell that I'm mildly obsessed (totally healthy) with our bulldog.  The Baroness of course came to set the day of the PETA shoot.  Here's a shot of her from that day...I can't help myself.  Deal with it.

All Images © Emily Shur

2 comments to Olivia Munn for PETA

  • JCofNYC

    I cannot image how much courage it took for Olivia to bare it all for this photoshoot.

    She gets nothing less than my highest respect for doing this for such a great cause.

    Before, I was not aware that even the smallest amount of fur came from the harm of animals.

    I will never wear fur ever.

    Hopefully, many more will hear and follow Olivia’s message.

    Thank you Olivia for trying your absolute best to end the suffering innocent animals.

  • kratos

    Great work PETA ! & You look beautiful Ms Munn !!!