Cody Paul for ESPN the Magazine

All Images © Emily Shur

I had an awesome time on this job.  I spent most of  the day with Cody Paul, whose story you can read here.  I remember being excited when he walked up because he had such a great look.  Loved everything about his face.  He was [...]

Olivia Munn for PETA

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of photographing Olivia Munn for an anti-fur PETA campaign.  Here is a link giving you a little more info on this specific cause.  The ads were just recently released, and there’s currently a big billboard on Beverly Blvd!  The above image was the [...]

Lindsey Vonn for The Red Bulletin


All Images © Emily Shur

Here’s my shoot of Lindsey Vonn for the January 2012 issue of The Red Bulletin.  We shot this last October in San Diego at 6am.  I wish I could look this good at 6am.  Or 6pm.  Thank you Lindsey for being inspirational in ways both superficial and non-superficial. [...]