Two Nice Things and The End of 2011

Janice Bridge on her evening recumbent bike ride/dog run in Davis, CA, December 17th, 2011 © Emily Shur

Slightly lax on the blog as of late.  The end of the year all of a sudden got nutty, in a good way, and left me neglecting certain areas of life out of necessity. [...]

Minor Thread (aka Why I Get the Crap Closet)

In celebration of the new knee my husband will be getting a few hours from now, I thought I would share his recent internet celebrity with all of you.  As of today, his blog Minor Thread has been written up by Forbes, Spin, and Boing Boing with more to come.  And trust me [...]

Flak Photo #8

Bus Stop, Anchorage, Alaska © Emily Shur

Thank you so much to Andy at Flak Photo for his continued support of my work.  Yesterday marked my eighth photo appearance on Flak.  Check it.  I took this picture in July while I was waiting around for Sarah Palin to give the yes or [...]