Felicity Jones for BlackBook Mag

All Images © Emily Shur

My shoot with actress Felicity Jones just came out in the November issue of BlackBook Magazine.  I remember when I left this shoot, I felt kind of weird about it.  I'm not going to go into why, but I did.  When I got home and processed the images and the weight of my weirdness lifted, I remembered how impressive Felicity was to photograph.  I find this about most very good actors.  (Most, not all.)  I find that most very good actors treat the shoot as stepping into a role, however subtle that role might be.  Maybe they are still themselves, but just a slightly amplified version.  Maybe they're a whole different person.  Who knows and honestly who cares.  What I do know is that this ability to perform and transform makes all the difference in the world when you're in a studio with no props, three lights, and a fan.  So, to Felicity, I say thank you.  She is truly talented and I hear gives an amazing performance in Like Crazy.

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