One Rough Scan from Scotland

 Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland © Emily Shur

We went to Scotland about six weeks ago for Anna's wedding.  So far this picture is the winner, but there are a couple other contenders I'm considering taking the time to work on.  It's amazing to get your film back and respond to only one picture you took.  What's up with that?

2 comments to One Rough Scan from Scotland

  • It’s a pretty photograph.
    Sometimes I don’t get any I love. Sometimes they don’t speak to me till later. I read an interview with a National Geographic photographer that said he usually got one or 2 photos from a roll of 36 he liked. I read another quote from Ansel Adams saying he hoped he got one great image a year. After 40 years he’d have something awesome.

    Either way, it’s great when you get something you love.