New Website

As promised, a brand spanking new website.  Bigger images, thumbnails, updated pictures.  Yay.  In addition, I finally broke up with Blackberry this past Friday and received my new iPhone.  So far I'm pretty into it.  I'm doing well with the typing which one was one of my major hesitations in switching.  I'm also super excited about Instagram.  I tried to hang on and be loyal to Blackberry, and I was for a long time (years and years and years), but they were just blowing it.  Yes, it was functional in terms of phone and email and international travel, but most other phones have caught up in that respect.  Blackberry has not adapted to the multitude of other services that phones are expected to provide today, and I can't get behind that.  If I have to keep up and change my way of doing things to remain relevant, so do all of my bits of technology.

Oh and PS I also have representation in Asia now!  Please contact Redorfe for bookings in that part of the world.

4 comments to New Website

  • Fresh & Clean nice upgrade and looks great on a big screen.

  • Looks great!! I’m with you on the Blackberry…had mine several years and was hesitant to switch(simple email, bbm, etc.) but my new iPhone arrives tomorrow!

  • I’m liking the clean look here. You are the 3rd or 4th person that has bailed on the Blackberry recently. My budette got rid of hers last Wednesday. Said she couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Nice job on the website re-do.

    I had to use a Blackberry for a couple of months recently, after my ancient 1G iPhone bit the dust. IT SUCKED! I don’t know how you’ve done it this long.

    I’m now rollin’ android phat with a Samsung Galaxy S2. Sucks more power than a space shuttle launch.