Felicity Jones for BlackBook Mag

All Images © Emily Shur

My shoot with actress Felicity Jones just came out in the November issue of BlackBook Magazine.  I remember when I left this shoot, I felt kind of weird about it.  I’m not going to go into why, but I did.  When I got home and [...]

One Rough Scan from Scotland

 Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland © Emily Shur

We went to Scotland about six weeks ago for Anna’s wedding.  So far this picture is the winner, but there are a couple other contenders I’m considering taking the time to work on.  It’s amazing to get your film back and respond to [...]

New Website

As promised, a brand spanking new website.  Bigger images, thumbnails, updated pictures.  Yay.  In addition, I finally broke up with Blackberry this past Friday and received my new iPhone.  So far I’m pretty into it.  I’m doing well with the typing which one was one of my major hesitations in switching.  I’m also [...]

Mindy Kaling for Bust Magazine

Mindy © Emily Shur

I shot this cover of Bust Magazine featuring the beautiful and smart Mindy Kaling.  This was the second time I photographed Mindy, and I recently had the pleasure of shooting her a third time.  Another cool thing is that this cover story was written by my friend and [...]

More Progress

Video © yogavibes.com

A while ago, I wrote this post about progressing to the point in my yoga practice where I was able to perform the above sequence with a spot from my friend.  Yesterday I finally did this whole thing by myself in the middle of the room (no spot)…more than [...]

PDN Photo of the Day

Sofia Vergara © Emily Shur

Not one, not two, but seven of my portraits are PDN’s Photo of the Day today.  Check it out here.  This is a nice mix of very different types of shoots.  Everything from spur of the moment collaborations (Nick Offerman) to pretty ladies being funny (Sofia Vergara) [...]