...and today I'm 35 years old.

unknown amazing photo…if you took this picture or were in the vicinity of this activity, you rule.

Today is my 35th birthday!  Thank you to my parents for inventing me, and also to my husband and friends and dog for making everything so awesome.  You make life worthwhile.

Noelle Scaggs (of Fitz and The Tantrums) for Los Angeles Magazine

All Images © Emily Shur

Styled by the excellent Ashley Furnival

Make Up by the amazing Sandy Ganzer

Hair by the wonderful Yuji Kojima

Here’s a fashion story I shot for Los Angeles Magazine’s October issue with Noelle of Fitz and The Tantrums fame.   The whole October [...]

Alyson Hannigan for Head & Shoulders

Image by Moi

Here is my first ad for Head & Shoulders featuring the flake free beautiful-haired Alyson Hannigan!  Shot for Saatchi & Saatchi over the course of two days in order to get Alyson in between takes of the actual H&S commercial and then a day in studio to shoot all [...]

Things Done Changed...Sorta

All Images © Kareem Black

Seeing as how I’ve posted something about 9/11 on or near 9/11 since I began this blog, it would be hard to let the 10 year anniversary go by silently.  I saw this contact sheet on Kareem’s Tumblr a while ago, and hopefully he doesn’t [...]

Come tonight. Get a shirt.

My last and final push to get you guys out to opening of ‘Borders’ tonight, September 1st, 2011.  We made shirts!  Everyone likes shirts.  This guy really likes shirts.  If you come to the opening tonight at THIS (7-10pm) these shirts will be available.  If you just can’t commit to a t-shirt tonight, you can [...]