Two Pictures From San Luis Obispo

 Sunset Drive-In

 Pyramid Tombstone

All Images © Emily Shur

 Here are two new images from our trip in May.  4×5!

Rough Scans - Alaska













 All Images © Emily Shur

All of these were shot in and around Anchorage and Chugach State Park.  Mamiya 7 all the way.  Goddam I love that camera.  I know it’s a thing and it’s replaceable (my husband has gotten annoyed with me in the past for getting snippy when [...]

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today is my husband’s birthday!!  He’s the best.  He loves t-shirts (and me), and I love him.

Sarah Palin for Newsweek

 Images © Emily Shur

This is why I was in Alaska.  Definitely will go down as one of the the most interesting shoot experiences of my career thus far.  I went up on Saturday not having a confirmed shoot date, but Newsweek was hopeful The Palins would agree to a shoot Sunday [...]

Photo of the Day: The Baroness

 The Baroness at Siren Studios © Emily Shur

I’m back in LA, and Thursday was bring your dog to work day.


 Last night at 9:30pm across the street from my hotel


 Stopped to take a picture

 Byron Glacier and makeshift bathroom

 A very large animal turd

Caribou…I’ll never understand people who hunt.

All Images © Emily Shur

Yep I’m in Anchorage, Alaska.  I came [...]

10am vs. 10pm

My View At 10am

My View At 10pm

Images © Emily Shur

Soooo….where am I?  It’s almost 11:00 at night, and it’s still light outside.  Very strange indeed.  More pictures to come soon.