HTC and Me

I've started to see some of the HTC ads I shot last December pop up in magazines and what not.  Exciting!  This was such a great job...I would love to do shoots like this everyday.

I've admittedly been a little lax here on the blog front, but I'm approaching the possibility of thinking about maybe being a better blogger some time in the near future.  I was really busy traveling for a while for a job that is still ongoing, but I can't discuss, so that has left me with a lot of stuff on my mind yet nothing to write about.  Of course, there are other things in life to write about and other pictures to show.  Sometimes I want to vent and complain.  Sometimes I want to only talk about movies and yoga and absolutely nothing else.  I guess sometimes I wonder what exactly I should be using this blog for.  I'm pretty sure the answer is whatever the hell I want to use it for, so knowing that and moving forward, please enjoy and excuse my random thoughts.  Happy summer.

2 comments to HTC and Me

  • Well, I have really missed your writing if that helps make you feel better. But I feel your pain. I wanted to talk about other stuff, too, and for some reason it just felt complicated and mucked up in my photography blog. So now I have two blogs. And that feels so much better. Highly recommend it. But I like all your posts so if you start something new, don’t forget to tell us.

  • I am so glad I came across this post, I do ask myself every time I post on my blog what the hell I am doing and what it is supposed to be when it’s done. But I guess any random thought is going to reach someone at some point :-) Carry on!