Family Pictures

1511 Summit Terrace, Linden, NJ

Above is a picture of my grandparents' living room.  I took this when I was in college, going through my 17mm lens phase.  My grandmother painted the picture above the couch.  Pretty sure that's a box of prints I brought over sitting on the coffee table.  I used to always bring new photos over to show them.

Below are some photos I've taken over the years at my great-aunt and uncle's house, also in Linden, New Jersey.  These are my family pictures, and mostly what I have to look back on as memories.  Is that weird?  I had to go back to NJ last week for a funeral, and again I realized I don't really have any pictures of my actual relatives.  I should probably take at least a few in the near future.

All Images © Emily Shur

2 comments to Family Pictures

  • whoa.bury the lead. this photos are phenomenal! i am digging the perfume bottles and the exterior green house. so evocative of a time and place. very sultan (and shur). thanks for sharing!

  • drew

    haha, “17mm lens phase.” So true. We all do it.