Doing Real Things

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One thing that doesn’t bug me about getting older is it seems we (meaning us folks in our mid 30s) have approached the age of doing real things. Like making real photographs, real movies, real books, running real businesses…basically making real moves. [...]

HTC and Me

I’ve started to see some of the HTC ads I shot last December pop up in magazines and what not.  Exciting!  This was such a great job…I would love to do shoots like this everyday.

I’ve admittedly been a little lax here on the blog front, but I’m approaching the possibility of [...]

Amber Rose for Vibe Mag

Amber Rose © Emily Shur

I had the pleasure of shooting Amber Rose for the July issue of Vibe Magazine, also known as The Sexy Issue.  Nothing says sexy like “60 Year Old Prostitutes – Still Grindin’”.

Rough Scans Left Behind







All Images © Emily Shur

I went through my film from my last trip to Japan yet again this weekend and found these six I had previously left behind.

Family Pictures

1511 Summit Terrace, Linden, NJ

Above is a picture of my grandparents’ living room.  I took this when I was in college, going through my 17mm lens phase.  My grandmother painted the picture above the couch.  Pretty sure that’s a box of prints I brought over sitting on the coffee table.  I [...]