Beach Getaway

All Images © Isac (Husband)

In continuation of my previous post, here are some pictures from our little anniversary getaway this week.  We went up north a bit for a couple nights.  We had a spa day.  I shot some cell phone towers (some in my pajamas on the roof of my car) and additional random stuff including a pyramid tombstone  and an old drive-in movie theater.  The Baroness had a nice run in the ocean, and then I had to wash her sandy belly off in the hotel bathtub.

I am seriously considering getting an iPhone again just to be able to take decent pictures with my phone.  Blackberry, get it together, please.

2 comments to Beach Getaway

  • Bravo, Emily. I have often wanted just that small extra bit of height when I’m shooting. All my pictures look (corrrectly) like they’re shot from car-windowsill or Mike’s Eye Level height. Boring.

    But I’m pretty sure my Subaru’s roof isn’t rated for my, er, bulk.

    Hope you’re well. Thinking right now about last year’s RSF, wishing I were going again.

  • nina

    Nice pics– and I feel the same way as you. BB needs to get their act together ASAP!