Beach Getaway

All Images © Isac (Husband)

In continuation of my previous post, here are some pictures from our little anniversary getaway this week.  We went up north a bit for a couple nights.  We had a spa day.  I shot some cell phone towers (some in my pajamas on the roof [...]

Five Years

Photo by Ruben Fleischer

Happy 5th Anniversary to my husband (and me)!  Can’t believe how quickly time goes by.  Seems like only yesterday I was going to Starbucks to get some coffee thinking, “I’m getting married today.”, but instead that was exactly five years ago.  I was so happy that [...]


My View



Doggie in the Window

Old Montreal

All Images © Emily Shur

At the end of this week, I’ll have spent the equivalent of a little over three weeks in Montreal.  Not all at once, but out of the last five weeks, [...]

My Mom

My Mom © Emily Shur

An oldie but goodie photo of my mom in Atlanta.  I scanned this from a roughly 10-12 year old print so pretty please to forgive the crunchy blacks.  What can I say about my mom other than she is the one and only, the best, the nicest, [...]


I’m currently enjoying a Friday night at home with The Baroness, catching up on all of the television that’s been recording and accumulating while I’ve been in Montreal. Monday I go back for Part 3 of the shoot that I’ve been working on for about a month now.  Tonight, I finally got [...]