Extremely Sad

© Tim Hetherington

Very very sad to hear about the deaths of photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros today.  What photographers and journalists like Tim, Chris, and countless others do everyday is beyond brave.  Although photojournalism, war and conflict photography is not my personal photographic passion, I have the utmost respect for the people who do it at all...and especially those who do it well.  My thoughts and condolences go out to their families and friends.  Really very sad.

When I heard the news I took a breath and realized that whatever thing I was stressing out about at the moment was not a big deal.  This is not hard.  This is not life or death.  For certain people, their job is.  We need people in the world who are willing to put themselves at risk to tell stories that are hard to tell.  We need people who are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable and horrific situations in order to level the playing field of what information the world receives.

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