This Weekend

I have work in three shows this weekend, but I’m back in Montreal and will be missing all three openings/parties.  Dammit.  Info is above, and I’m sure all of these events will be great.  I’m honored and excited to be a part of each of these shows.  Totally different work in all three. [...]

Opening Tonight

I’m so bummed that I will be missing tonight’s opening of A Place in the Sun: Picturing California.  It’s my last day in Montreal (for now), so at this time tomorrow I will be on a flight home to my husband, dog, and warm weather.  Someone please go tonight and take a picture [...]

Extremely Sad

© Tim Hetherington

Very very sad to hear about the deaths of photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros today.  What photographers and journalists like Tim, Chris, and countless others do everyday is beyond brave.  Although photojournalism, war and conflict photography is not my personal photographic passion, I have the utmost [...]

Interspecies Communication

This is how The Baroness and I keep in touch while I’m gone.  I’m pretty sure she’s mad at me.


Image © Emily Shur

I’m currently on day three of a two week job in Montreal.  The city is beautiful and interesting, so although I miss home, at least I’m in a nice place.  Tomorrow is the first day of shooting.  It’s always interesting when anticipation and preparation finally realizes itself into [...]

Photo of The Day: The Baroness – Birthday Edition

The Baroness at Five Years © Emily Shur

Today is The Baroness’ fifth birthday!  I took this picture of her this morning on Blue Polaroid Type 100 from The Impossible Project.  Pretty cool.  Haven’t used any of their film yet, surprisingly.  I’m still using (hoarding) old Polaroid film that’s been in my [...]

Just What I Needed

I’ve been a little stressed the past few days playing the waiting game, but last night someone made everything ok.  His name is Bill Cunningham.  This movie is a must see for all photographers, and I’m pretty sure everyone else would be entertained by it as well.  It was so refreshing to watch [...]