My Movie Poster

Images © Emily Shur

I’m very excited to see my first real movie poster all around town.  Insidious opens this Friday so if you like possessed and/or demonic children, get your tickets now!  The Baroness, as you can see in the top photo, is proud of her mommy.  Thanks buddy.

4 comments to My Movie Poster

  • dh

    WOW! Nice work, “Four Eyes.” You’re on the way up, fast, and it’s cool to see. Congratulations, bet it feels good. Does it?

  • Now THAT is cool—even though I’m not a huge fan of either possessed OR demonic children, aside from my own. One’s own image on a movie poster in a bus shelter! Dang.

    As an aside: would it be rude of me to inquire whether the Baroness has, ahem, picked up a few, er, pounds? Still regal, mind you; but with a bit more “presence” than I recall from previous photos.

    Just askin’.

  • Adey




  • Adey

    Heh! just spotted your poster on the side of a telephone box less than 100 yards from my home. (Yup, we still have public phones boxes in England – but those all red ones with small glass squares are less common outside of movies)

    Think I’ll take my camera and record it for posterity :-)