New Magazine Work

Jeff Rudes of J Brand and Lily Aldridge for The Times Magazine (UK)

Olivia Munn for Audrey Magazine

Michael Voltaggio for Los Angeles Magazine

All Images © Emily Shur

I’m about to dive into the scanning abyss so I can share some of my new pictures from Japan.  Before I get into that, here are a few stories that recently came out in various magazines.  The top photo is J Brand CEO Jeff Rudes with the real purty Lily Aldridge shot at Jeff’s home for The Times Magazine UK.  The next few are from my second shoot with Olivia Munn for the cover of Audrey Magazine’s Spring issue.  No surprise there, Olivia was still beautiful and still fun.  The last couple pictures are of chef Michael Voltaggio for Los Angeles Magazine.  I heart Top Chef, so I was real excited to meet and photograph Michael.  We shot at what will soon be his new restaurant, Ink.  It was still coming together construction-wise at the time of our shoot, but I did get to sample part of a dish that seemed pretty amazing.  I won’t say anything about it because I get the feeling that kind of stuff is best left to the chef to disclose.  Can’t wait to eat a proper meal there.

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  • Great shots, Emily! Love the shots of Voltaggio. What kind of seamless did you use for the shot of him standing?

  • You have a way with words. I am adding this page as a bookmark on so all my friends can see it. I think they will like it as much as I did. If they do, then I will add a link to one of my Hubpages with your anchor text or something very similar. All the best with future posts, good work.