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Ahhhh Los Angeles.  You are my buddy, and I missed you.  Above is a picture from my first day (I think) in Japan.  It was super snowy and quiet in Yudanaka.  I’m pretty sure those are apple trees which were everywhere, and people took such nice care of them.  They prop all of the branches up on every single tree, I’m assuming so they don’t get weighed down by the rain and snow.  Such a lovely and respectful culture.  Our last day involved a day trip from Kanazawa to Tojinbo which I would have never know to go to had we not asked the hotel front desk for a day trip recommendation.  It was a very cute and picturesque seaside town with dramatic rocks and delicious sashimi.  The day went a little something like this:

-JR Train from Kanazawa to Awara Onsen

-Bus from Awara Onsen to Tojinbo

-Return Bus to Awara Onsen

-Return JR Train to Kanazawa

-Cab Ride to hotel to collect baggage

-Cab Ride back to Kanazawa station

-Bus from Kanazawa Station to Komatsu Airport

-Flight from Komatsu to Haneda Airport

-Shuttle Bus to International Terminal

-Shuttle Bus from gate to airplane

-Flight from Haneda to LAX

I definitely had a great and interesting trip.  I saw things I had never seen before, ate things I had never eaten before, went to places I had never been, etc.  It was totally worthwhile, and hopefully my pictures will be indicative of those new experiences.  Having said all that, the above travel timetable was not an anomaly, as every trip to a different city or place always seemed to involve many different modes of transportation.  There’s always transferring from this train to that one.  Getting off the train and figuring out the bus situation.  It might sound like no big deal, but when very few people speak your language and reading signs is out of the question, it becomes challenging.  I’m actually surprised and proud of how much we saw and the fact that there were no real disasters along the way.

My jet lag is way better than I expected.  In the past I would be dead to the world at 4:00 in the afternoon, but I feel pretty normal.  Maybe the new flight time/route from Haneda to LAX is better suited to adapting.  Maybe I’m just excited to be home.  Either way, it’s back to work for me.  Can’t wait to pick up my film tomorrow.

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