Photo © Emily Shur

Ahhhh Los Angeles.  You are my buddy, and I missed you.  Above is a picture from my first day (I think) in Japan.  It was super snowy and quiet in Yudanaka.  I’m pretty sure those are apple trees which were everywhere, and people took such nice [...]

Day Five/Six

Photo © Emily Shur

It’s currently 7am on Sunday here.  We leave tonight on a very late flight that puts us into LA around 6:30pm Sunday night.  So, we technically get in before we left.  Yesterday was sunny, but pretty cold.  Went to Kenrokuen Garden which is supposedly one of Japan’s best [...]

Day Four

Well, today was kind of a bust photo-wise. Meh. It’s raining now, and while I did have a morning of no rain, it wasn’t until the rain started that I found some decent looking stuff to shoot. So, now it’s almost 4pm and I’m thinking about getting down with some [...]

Day Three

Photo © Emily Shur

Tonight is the end of my third day in Japan.  It’s only a little after 9:30pm here on Thursday night.  Since I was sans internet up until now, I couldn’t bore you with every little detail of my trip so far.  Now, thanks to an ethernet [...]

Video of the Day: The Baroness – Diet Edition

The Baroness is on a diet. from Emily Shur on Vimeo.

The Baroness is currently on a treat diet of carrots and apples.  Check out her new trick.

Alyson Michalka for Complex Mag

All Images © Emily Shur

Completely switching gears…here are some pictures I took of actress Alyson Michalka that are in the current issue of Complex Magazine.  Aly is super pretty and was really fun to shoot.  It’s funny how sometimes the shoots you spend the least money on work out [...]

Flak Photo Tuesday

Check me out on Flak Photo today.  Heyo.  Fitting image considering this time next week I will be in some random and cold part of the Japanese countryside.  The above place was not cold, but definitely random.  Thanks Andy for always being so supportive!

The Collector's Guide Vol. 2

Photo © Alexander Ho

I’m honored and excited to have my work included in Humble Art’s Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2.

A little background:

The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2
Edited by amani olu & Jon Feinstein
Preface by Jon Feinstein | Introduction by Vanessa Kramer