Deadlines. Get your stuff together.

Since I have attended Review Santa Fe for the past two years, I would like to mention that Center‘s deadline for the review, Project Competition, Project Launch, and Choice Awards is coming up this Thursday, January 27th.  You can get info on all of those different events and competitions on their site here. [...]

All in a Week's Work (or No Work)

Patti Smith (Polaroids) © Robert Mapplethorpe

I try not to drink wine and blog, but sometimes it’s really the only time I feel like sitting and devoting time to writing.  So, here I am.  Today marks exactly one week since my husband got laid off.  Yes, that’s right.  Laid [...]

Two Openings - East and West

Tent Life: Haiti/All Images © Wyatt Gallery

I wish I could make it to NY tomorrow night for the opening reception of the Tent Life: Haiti exhibit.  My longtime friend and fellow NYU Alum Wyatt Gallery has published a beautiful book of his photographs taken in Haiti in the aftermath [...]

2010...Actually a Pretty Decent Year

Me in Hawaii, Stubby Legs and All, December 2010 © Mason Poole

My last shoot of 2010 brought me all the way to the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was there we shot the cast of the new Hawaii 5-0.  It was there we stayed in the super [...]