Dream, Dream, Dream

I am waaaay behind on the blog.  I was at the above show…not my video, but it was the best sounding one I could find (albeit a tad jumpy) of my favorite Weezer song.  If you’re a fan and are familiar, you know that the song builds and you really need to listen to the whole thing.  Rivers starts out by proclaiming “1994″ which was a big year for me.  It was the year I graduated high school and moved to New York.  I was seventeen.  That was seventeen years ago.  Now I sit on my couch after dying my hair in the bathroom, drinking a glass of wine, knowing I have to get up in 8 hours for one in a series of long shoot days.  It took seventeen years to get to this point.  Gray hair (no more), a cab/syrah blend, and working very very hard to achieve goals I set for myself so long ago.

Since I have been so remiss in my blog duties, I’ll quickly run down some stuff I am currently liking.  If you’re interested in music go see what the husband and his co-workers have deemed The 50 Best Albums of the Year here.  If you’re interested in movies, go see Black Swan.  Now.  If you’re interested in television, get up on your instant Netflix and watch or re-watch season two of the most excellent Parks and Recreation before season three begins in January.  Also, support your girl and watch Storage Wars on A&E for which I shot all of the cast portraits.  Word on the street (and by the streets I mean my parents) is that it’s a really good show.  Speaking of my parents, my mom started a blog.  You may think the musings of a 61 year-old mom who just relocated to Denver might not be up your alley, but my mom is a great writer so check it out.  Or tell your mom to.

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