Decisions Decisions

Belongings, Enoshima

Two Swans, Mito

Vending Machine, Shimokitazawa

Sleeping Cat, Asakusa

Deserted Park, Chiba

Garbage, Shibuya

Tourists, Enoshima

Garage, Mito

One Swan, Mito

Parallel, Tokyo

New Nature Calls

Untitled #12

Untitled #51

Untitled #102

Untitled #7

Untitled #14

All Images © Emily Shur

No, I have not forgotten about this project.  In fact, here are five new images.  Hoping to shoot a lot more of [...]

Dream, Dream, Dream

I am waaaay behind on the blog.  I was at the above show…not my video, but it was the best sounding one I could find (albeit a tad jumpy) of my favorite Weezer song.  If you’re a fan and are familiar, you know that the song builds and you really need to listen [...]