Japan Rough Scans – First Ten

All Images © Emily Shur

I think I’m done scanning my edit from our trip.  I’m going to break the images into a few posts, but here are the first ten….meaning these are the first ten I scanned, not necessarily my favorite ten.  I’m just going in order.  I took a lot of animal pictures.  I’ll post some more animals in the next couple groupings.  Along with the above goat and faraway swans, I got a swan close up (kind of a swan portrait if you will), a cat, and a big dead bug in the edit.  I also shot monkeys, an elephant, and a huge rodent the size of The Baroness.  I don’t love my scanner or some of the color going on here, but you get the idea, and stay tuned for more.

3 comments to Japan Rough Scans – First Ten

  • Hey Emily,
    The new Japan images look great! Did you just get back?
    Oh did you see Alec Soth book called Niagara. If not I think you will dig it.
    Cheers and lets get together soon.

  • ryan

    the 2nd one down is so great! i love all the lines…. it reminded me of this guy for some reason…. http://www.joshslaterstudio.com.

  • j.

    Great batch, congratulations! You come back with great pictures everytime you go to Japan, I’m sure your connection with the place must be getting stronger and stronger. I love #2, 5, 6 and the toilet!

    By the way, the images have all a quite strong orange-yellowish tone, do you use some kind of warming filter in your lense?