Pretty In Pink Reunion for Entertainment Weekly

Crappy photo above of my layout in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.  I got to shoot the partial cast of one of my all time favorite movies, Pretty In Pink, for their Reunions Issue.  We shot in my neighborhood…well, my neighboring neighborhood of Silver Lake at Vacation Vinyl.  I have photographed both Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer before individually, but to be able to shoot something – anything – having to do with the film itself was very, very exciting.  I mean, these are the types of things (as a 16 year old angst-y Emily in the darkroom at the Glassell School of Art) that I never imagined I would get to photograph.  Sure, in a perfect world, there are some things I would change about this picture…to me, it’s not a perfect image, and I’m not sure I would ever be 100% satisfied with a photograph that has this much personal significance.  But we do the best we can with our circumstances, budgets, styling, different personalities, location constrictions, time management, etc.  Thank you so much to Entertainment Weekly for thinking of me for this shoot in particular.

Here is the original image:

All Images © Emily Shur

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