Japan Rough Scans - Final Group

Here’s my last group of scans from Japan.  We’ll see which make the final cut from all three groups.  I think maybe half will.  Can you see the bowling pin in the top image?  Also, I have a question for all of you.  Decision 2010:  Which swan picture do you like [...]

Japan Rough Scans – Second Ten

All Images © Emily Shur

Included in this group are some of my favorites from the trip.  Sometimes a few photographs make all the difference; the difference between satisfaction and missed opportunity.  I know I’m not captioning anything, but I don’t think captions are needed at this point.  So, um, yeah.  Ten [...]

Japan Rough Scans – First Ten

All Images © Emily Shur

I think I’m done scanning my edit from our trip.  I’m going to break the images into a few posts, but here are the first ten….meaning these are the first ten I scanned, not necessarily my favorite ten.  I’m just going in order.  I took a lot [...]

Pretty In Pink Reunion for Entertainment Weekly

Crappy photo above of my layout in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.  I got to shoot the partial cast of one of my all time favorite movies, Pretty In Pink, for their Reunions Issue.  We shot in my neighborhood…well, my neighboring neighborhood of Silver Lake at Vacation Vinyl. [...]

The Not So Easy

Image © The Husband

We’re back and yes, I was a bad blogger while away.  I have no excuses except that I was busy, tired, and didn’t feel like it.  The above picture was taken by my brave husband with his iPhone in Kairakuen Garden.  If you can’t make it [...]