Peaks and Valleys

Order Glucophage with No Prescription, Rainbow, Somewhere in Scotland, 2001 © Emily Shur

This weekend marks the end of summer and what most people in our industry tend to think of as the start of a new season in business-land.  The past couple weeks have been the typical up and down roller coaster of emotions regarding work...excitement, purchase Glucophage online no prescription, Order Glucophage from mexican pharmacy, disappointment, excitement, order Glucophage online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i find Glucophage online, disappointment.  At this point, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy cheap Glucophage no rx, I can honestly say that I am almost too familiar with those two extremes and somewhat numb to both.  Sometimes I think about what would have happened in my life had I not been able to take a risk in my early twenties and attempt to become a photographer, buy Glucophage from mexico. Where can i order Glucophage without prescription,  Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I never left New York.  Well, I would not be married to my husband, Order Glucophage with No Prescription.  I would not live in this house or be dog-mommy to The Baroness, buy Glucophage without a prescription. Where can i buy Glucophage online,  I wouldn't have made the friends I've made here.  I also may not have had such tumultuous recent years, buy no prescription Glucophage online, Order Glucophage no prescription, professionally speaking, if I had just stayed in one place and continue to build a career, comprar en línea Glucophage, comprar Glucophage baratos. Buy Glucophage without prescription,  Then again, it might have been lackluster either way due to the economy and who knows what else, Glucophage for sale. Order Glucophage with No Prescription,  If my career had not been so disappointing at the time, I may not have put so much energy into my personal work which, in my opinion, has been the best thing to happen to my photography in the last five years or so.

Last week I photographed filmmaker Davis Guggenheim and had a really nice talk with him during the shoot. Buy generic Glucophage,  One thing that stood out to me was his acknowledgement of learning the most during the really, really low points in his career, Glucophage samples. Glucophage gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,  I agreed with him wholeheartedly.  As unpleasant as the bad times are, Glucophage over the counter, Where to buy Glucophage, there would be no growth or change without them.  When else are you forced to really look at yourself, Glucophage trusted pharmacy reviews, Online buying Glucophage hcl, your path, your decisions, buy Glucophage online cod, Where can i buy cheapest Glucophage online, and what could be possible.  When everything is awesome, you're just floating, Order Glucophage with No Prescription.  When you're stuck, order Glucophage from United States pharmacy, Buy Glucophage no prescription, you have to make a conscious effort to get un-stuck.  It's not fun, order Glucophage online c.o.d, Glucophage price, coupon, but I think it's important.

Things have definitely been way better this year work-wise.  They aren't perfect, fast shipping Glucophage, Purchase Glucophage, and I'm assuming they never will be, but I think having a couple of shitty years actually really helped me, buy no prescription Glucophage online. Buying Glucophage online over the counter,  Humility is an extremely underrated virtue. Order Glucophage with No Prescription,  I read a lot of blogs and tweets and Facebook updates about what people are up to, how busy they are, what shoot they just wrapped, where they're traveling, etc.  Hey, australia, uk, us, usa, Glucophage trusted pharmacy reviews, I've done these things, too...I do it all the time (I think I just did it in the paragraph above this one), order Glucophage from United States pharmacy.  However, I think it's refreshing when I read or hear something truly honest and not just a series of typed and/or audible high fives.

I'm writing this post with someone in mind, and I want nothing more than for this person to get past the shitty time they are having with work.  There's only so much an outsider can do other than be supportive, but I do feel like there is value in misery.  For one, when you've been miserable you really appreciate when you are no longer miserable, and two, you are forced to make your situation better.  And then you do.  And then it is.


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10 comments to Order Glucophage With No Prescription

  • Yv

    Well I have to admit, I read a lot of blogs but never leave comments on any. I like the work you do and I have to say this is a great post.

  • Edie

    Perfectly and beautifully said.

  • Judi Shur

    Profound post. OK, I’m your mother, but profound none the less.

  • Jonathan

    Very insightful, and I agree wholeheartedly. I really liked this bit here… “However, I think it’s refreshing when I read or hear something truly honest and not just a series of typed and/or audible high fives.”

  • can i just give you a hug right now?

  • The realization that you have come to is something that many people overlook during the entire length of their lives because they dread being out of their Comfort Zone (as we all do)–and maybe where that experience will take them. Your post is good; thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Mike

    As someone who’s been at it a lot longer than you, I admire your ability to step back and see life with a clarity I seldom have. Thanks, it helps.

  • Thanks for being honest Emily — it’s kind of nice to know that we are in the exact same place right now. I’ve also been forced to step back (hard), take an honest look at myself (harder), and then do something about it (hardest).

    The valley sucks when you’re in it, but it makes the view from the peak that much sweeter.

  • Thanks for this post. I read it on my worst day of work. It gave me some hope and got me back into photography. Today is my last day of work and I am taking 6 months to work on photography and do some travelling. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!