Photo of the Day: The Baroness – Birthday Edition

Photo © Emily Shur

Today is my thirty-fourth birthday.  I took this picture of myself about a month ago, before a much needed haircut.  The Baroness looks pretty cute though, as always.  I like quiet birthdays.  They are always very happy days for me, but I don’t ever want a lot of [...]

The Woods

The Woods © Emily Shur

I meant to write this when the Photography Book Now winners were announced, but life has been a bit hectic lately between shooting and the amount of time I’ve spent sitting on my butt in front of my computer processing images.  I used to complain [...]

Peaks and Valleys

Rainbow, Somewhere in Scotland, 2001 © Emily Shur

This weekend marks the end of summer and what most people in our industry tend to think of as the start of a new season in business-land.  The past couple weeks have been the typical up and down roller coaster of emotions [...]