I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This.

All Images © Joel Sternfeld

A couple of my all time favorite and most inspirational photographers have published or are about to publish books straying far from their roots as large format film shooters.  The above images are from Joel Sternfeld’s iDubai.  When I first heard that Sternfeld was doing a book [...]


Nice little post with a good edit of images on BOOOOOOOM! today.  Thank you!

People Who Work

Thirteen Year Old Sharecropper Boy Near Americus, Georgia, July, 1937

Part of the daily lineup outside the State Employment Service Office, Memphis, Tennessee, June 1938

Toward Los Angeles, California, 1937

Jobless on Edge of Pea Field, Imperial Valley, California, 1937

Summer Movies

This weekend we saw a couple movies…just like last weekend and the weekend before.  We see a lot of movies.  I love movies.  So far, this year in general has been disappointing for movies, with a few exceptions.  (I recently heard an interview with a movie critic who claimed that 2010 has been [...]