Let the Fist Pumping Begin

Images © Emily Shur

Yesterday I started seeing some Jersey Shore Soundtrack posters around my neighborhood.  Yep…I shot that.  Just to prove it, here’s a picture of me shooting that.

Photo © Jeff Daly

If you want to see more BTS pictures from my shoot, you can go here.  This was one of the most challenging shoots I have ever done strictly in terms of battling the elements.  Shooting on a rooftop in South Beach, I was prepared for heat.  As you can see, I’m pretty pale…only made more noticeable by the striking difference in skin tone between myself and the cast.  I brought lots of sunscreen like I always do to every outdoor shoot.  I’m also totally down to sweat.  It makes me feel like I’m gradually losing those stubborn five pounds, and that makes it all worthwhile.  What I didn’t count on were the multiple torrential downpours that crept in at random times through the day.  See below.

Photo © Jeff Daly

When I say it started raining…I mean, it started RAINING.  We had to move our lighting under little umbrellas on the roof that you’d normally use to shade yourself while laying out.  A couple lights under this one, a couple more under that one, etc.  Thus, breaking up the entire set up.  When it stopped raining we’d move everything back into place.  Then it would start pouring again, and we’d have to move everything out.  Then it would stop.  Then it would start again.  I realized we needed to adapt to the rain.  We eventually rigged a 12×12 silk to use essentially as a canopy over the corner of the pool in which we shot the cast.  It was pouring all around us, but we had the lights, myself, the digital tech, and the cast under this silk that was slowly getting weighed down by the amount of rain water that was collecting in the middle.  By the end of that part of the day, we were all soaked.  My poor assistants…completely soaked.  Myself…completely soaked.  Then onto the second location…

Can’t wait for Season 2 to start.  Those of you who know me know I loooove TV.  I think the only person I know who trumps my television watching is this guy.  So, this shoot was very exciting for me.  Sometimes, shit gets hairy and you realize that this shoot is probably not going to turn out exactly how you anticipated or hoped.  We are not miracle workers.  Part of my job is problem solving and getting the job done the best I can regardless of whatever is going on with the weather, with myself personally, physically, etc.  I finished that 14 hour day with the bottoms of my feet fully blistered because of the wet/dry action that was going on down there.  It hurt.  Sometimes things get hurt, things get wet, but what’s most important is that they get done the best way they can.

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