Flak Photo Today

White Buildings, Takao, 2009

Image © Emily Shur

Today marks my sixth picture on Flak Photo.  This one is shown as part of Flak’s Review Santa Fe 2010 feature.  Interesting side note about this picture:

One of the events at Review Santa Fe is a public portfolio viewing where all of the photographers stand at tables with their work in front of them and the public is invited to walk around and check out everyone’s work.  This has probably been my least favorite part of both reviews (2009 & 2010), but it’s mandatory.  Anyway, this year a woman was looking through my work, and she stopped on the above image and looked totally stunned.  She was Japanese, and turns out she and her husband lived in those white buildings before moving to the US.  Crazy, huh?  This not a well known or busy area.  It’s a super quiet side street in Takao which is a small mountain town about an hour away from Tokyo.  Small world.

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