Photo of the Day: The Baroness - You Snooze You Lose Edition

The paws just kill me.

Photo © Emily Shur

Don’t be like The Baroness and sleep your way through life.  The week after next brings many exciting contest deadlines.  The ones I’ll be entering are The Aperture Portfolio Prize (deadline 7/14), the WIP-LTI Lightside Individual Project Grant (deadline 7/15), the Blurb Photography [...]


My shitty basketball hoop came in handy.

Neighbor's crappy lemon tree came in handy.

And the wall that usually has graffiti on it but didn't on this day came in handy, too.

All Images © Emily Shur

A few pictures from my shoot with Common back in April.  The first shot is [...]

I Made a Movie.

Shizenkan – Photographs by Emily Shur from Emily Shur on Vimeo.

Actually, the husband made it.  I just sat there nodding my head yes and shaking my head no.  Since I unfortunately won’t be attending LOOKBetween this weekend, I thought I’d post the presentation I made for it on the blog.  The song is [...]

Review in Review

The View from Room 248

Image © Emily Shur

I’m back from Review Santa Fe, and instead of a lengthy introspective post, I thought I’d just give some shout outs to people who made the weekend fun and interesting and whose work I liked.  So here’s to you in [...]

You Complete Me


I got one of the best gifts ever this weekend and for no real reason other than the fact that my husband rules.  I have been wanting this book for so long.  I never thought I would own it.  I was doubtful I’d even get to flip through one at any point. [...]