Don’t Hurt Yourself (or Mess Up Your Hair)

Rooftop Pool in South Beach, Miami on May 25, 2010

Image © Emily Shur

I just got back from three days in South Beach shooting in some of the craziest weather conditions ever (in my shooting experience…probably not in the overall history of weather).  I expected hot.  Really hot.  I did not expect full on monsoon-esque rainstorms infiltrating my outdoor location multiple times throughout the day.  Once it started pouring, after making sure the equipment was protected, there was nowhere for me to stand except in the pouring rain so I proceeded to get soaked.  Then, the sun came out.  We moved everything back into position and resumed the shoot.  Then, it poured again.  That sequence of events happened about four more times.  Eventually, we decided that the conditions were indeed ridiculous, and we packed it in and moved to the second location of the day.

On the positive side, the pictures were shot for promo and publicity for Season 2 of a certain reality show that revolves around a certain group of Italian-Americans and their adventures of fist pumping and fighting at the beach.  Yep…that’s right…pretty much my dream shoot.  I can’t post any images yet, but I definitely will when I can.

3 comments to Don’t Hurt Yourself (or Mess Up Your Hair)

  • Hahahah, sounds like a normal day in portland… I exaggerate, but those kind of shooting conditions are no fun. I hope Snooki let you touch her poof.

  • Oh dear. Can’t wait to show my hubby those pics!
    Well, they say it will be an intense hurricane season. I am in PR right now and we also had some intense weather and I found myself running through a mud field with an umbrella in one hand a camera in the other chasing horses.
    I was soaked, but had a giant grin on my face.

  • Craig S

    I was totally supposed to be at that shoot! I’m so sad I didn’t go now! I’ve worked with the cast before they’re actually pretty fun and nice (mostly.)