1,460 Days

Ueno Park, Japan, 2006

Image © Emily Shur

So, two cool things are happening today.  Number one is another conversation with yours truly that just went up on the Nymphoto blog.  I like this conversation/interview a lot.  It’s honest and an accurate take on my feelings on photography, both commercial and personal.  Thanks to the ladies at Nymphoto for always being so supportive of my work.

Number two (these are not in order of importance) cool thing is that today is my four year anniversary.  Today marks 1,460 days of marriage to my best friend.  I will be the first to say that I did not marry a simple or uncomplicated person, and nor did he.  I will also say that being married to him has made me feel so happy, so grateful, so supported, and so loved.  For now, I will end on that note because as much as I want to shout it from the rooftops, the blog is not always the most appropriate forum for super personal and sincere stuff.

I chose the above picture to illustrate this post because a.) it’s featured in the Nymphoto conversation, but more importantly b.) it was taken on our honeymoon.  I love you, husband.

2 comments to 1,460 Days

  • nina buesing corvallo

    Happy Anniversary! I was just talking about your wedding the other day :)

  • Love that shot Emily. I too love my visits to Japan where I feel most at home as a photographer.

    Happy anniversary and may you and your husband have many more.

    Best wishes,

    Gary Haigh