An Open Letter to Disgruntled Travelers

Leaving Burbank on May 13, 2010

Image © Emily Shur

Today marked my eighth flight in the last 4 or 5 weeks, and I have two more tomorrow.  I have some things to say to the disgruntled traveler who seems to always be standing in front of or behind me in whatever myriad of lines one must stand in when traveling on an airplane.  So to you, the loudly sighing and complaining to whoever may be in earshot traveler, I have a few tidbits of information and advice for you.:

No, you are not the only person in this line.  As a matter of fact, everyone in this line has somewhere to be and wishes the process was moving quicker.  No, your obnoxious complaining is not changing any part of the picture here for the better.  In fact, you are aggravating me and I’m guessing multiple other people even more.  Yes, airports, car rental counters, and security lines are frustrating.  We are not talking about well oiled machines of efficiency.  What we are talking about is a collective experience that we as humans all take part in, and your “Awwww come on!” and “This is ridiculous!” and “How long is this gonna take??” makes me think people suck even more.  Are you expecting a response?  Do you want me to turn around and bro down with you over how moronic airport employees are?  I keep that shit to myself because I have respect for people who are at work and the other people around me.  Your opinion is not the only one in the room.  Nor is it anything that anyone should be forced to hear.  No, you are not planting a flag in uncharted territory by acknowledging the fact that air travel is not a super fun way to spend a day.  And yes, I would like to get through my own frustrations without having your interjections forced upon my ear space.  Much appreciated.

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