Seinfeld Strikes Again

This weekend I went to NYC for a very brief amount of time.  I got in at 10pm on Saturday night, did a shoot on Sunday, and left at 9am Monday morning.  Coincidentally, the husband was also in town for his own work stuff.  On my way from the airport to the hotel, I called to add the husband’s name onto my room.  To which I got the following reply:  ”Uh…yeah…unfortunately, we’re oversold and won’t be able to accommodate you tonight.”  What?  I had a confirmed reservation for Saturday and Sunday nights.  This was a very busy weekend in NY…Tribeca Film Festival, 5 Boro Bike Ride, etc.  Said hotel told me they found an available room at some other place, i.e. one of the only hotels in the city that was not completely sold out so you can imagine how nice that was.  We took one look around the substitute room and gave that a big ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and happily accepted Nina‘s gracious invitation to put us up for the night.  The original hotel apologized and said they would upgrade me for my Sunday night stay.  When I got there on Sunday, after sweating my brains out outside all day, after a 7:30am call time (which is kind of like 4:30am for me), after a trip in a moho to and from Staten Island, I get a room with two windows instead of one.  Gee, thanks, Soho Grand…you shouldn’t have…really.

Now, I’m back in beautiful Los Angeles, California getting ready to go shoot Adam McKay today.  I’m hoping for good things.

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