Don’t Hurt Yourself (or Mess Up Your Hair)

Rooftop Pool in South Beach, Miami on May 25, 2010

Image © Emily Shur

I just got back from three days in South Beach shooting in some of the craziest weather conditions ever (in my shooting experience…probably not in the overall history of weather).  I expected hot.  Really hot.  I did [...]

1,460 Days

Ueno Park, Japan, 2006

Image © Emily Shur

So, two cool things are happening today.  Number one is another conversation with yours truly that just went up on the Nymphoto blog.  I like this conversation/interview a lot.  It’s honest and an accurate take on my feelings on photography, both commercial and personal. [...]

Photo of the Day: The Baroness

Don’t touch her Museo Silver Rag!

Image © Emily Shur

The Baroness and I are busy printing for Review Santa Fe.  I can’t believe it’s coming up in just over two weeks.  I’ve been doing the color correction, and she’s been keeping a watchful eye on my paper.  Stuff [...]

An Open Letter to Disgruntled Travelers

Leaving Burbank on May 13, 2010

Image © Emily Shur

Today marked my eighth flight in the last 4 or 5 weeks, and I have two more tomorrow.  I have some things to say to the disgruntled traveler who seems to always be standing in front of or behind me [...]

Things I Like

I’ve done a bit of complaining lately.  I mean, trust me, I had good reason, but it’s time for some positivity.  Some good things have happened recently…in no particular order:

I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop.  This is a must see documentary for anyone making art, anyone who is thinking about [...]

Seinfeld Strikes Again

This weekend I went to NYC for a very brief amount of time.  I got in at 10pm on Saturday night, did a shoot on Sunday, and left at 9am Monday morning.  Coincidentally, the husband was also in town for his own work stuff.  On my way from the airport to the hotel, [...]