Lucky 13

Imperial Palace Gardens with Pink Flowers, Tokyo, 2006

Image © Emily Shur

I’m very excited to have my work included in Issue 13 of Fraction Magazine.  This is the first time I have presented this particular edit of 20 images, and I actually quite like it.  You can read a small statement about the pictures I have been taking in Japan and also an interview with me (about this work) by Larissa Leclair.  Thanks very much to David Bram for including me in this issue with two photographers whose work I love, Dalton Rooney and William Greiner.  There’s also great work by Jessica Todd Harper, Tom Leininger, and a review of Stephen Chalmers’ Unmarked exhibition by Mary Goodwin.  Word up.

I also recently got busy with a website update.  Within the last month or so, I made a change in agents and am now represented by Giant Artists.  Changing agents usually means a change in portfolios, and that’s exactly what went down.  So, my website now accurately represents my new portfolios.  Under the ‘portfolio’ section, there’s now sub-sections called ‘people‘ and ‘places‘ which is how my printed portfolios are now organized.  It’s always good to get some fresh eyes on one’s own work.  There are lots of new images or at least images that are ‘new to you’.  I think it feels fresh.  I feel fresh.

3 comments to Lucky 13

  • It is minty fresh indeed, your new site design; and I get that oh-so-fresh feeling viewing the work. Did you spray the whole thing down with Febreze, or Summer’s Eve, or something? :)

    It’s easier on the eyes, and the navigating fingers, too.

    Well done. And congrats on the Fraction work. I really love that Japan series. Everything about that works, from the near rectangular (6×7 I presume) format, to the color palette (Portra NC?) to the subject matter. Awesome.

  • “Near rectangular”, did I say? Good lord….

  • Perfect Emily Shur photograph above of the Imperial Palace Gardens. I’m continually in awe of your work.