Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artist's Auction

Fire, Ise-Shima, Japan, 2004

Image © Emily Shur

Starting today, the above image is for sale online as part of the Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artist’s Auction.  Direct link here.  Prices are very reasonable.  I’m excited to be a part of the auction, and have a couple other exciting things to announce tomorrow.  Until then…

2 comments to Daniel Cooney Fine Art Emerging Artist’s Auction

  • Miles

    Beautiful image. I’ll keep an eye on the auction.

  • flaco

    seems to be nice, probably is a fascinating image, unfortunately the web doesnt give the same feeling of a print, so this images look inferior to the original (in video they look like a cell phone taken snap)
    I think your stile of landscape fotography (influenced by adams)
    doesnt suits for the web (on the contrary the portraits jump out of the screen, really)
    I would like to seem them (the landscapes) properly printed in a gallery
    but i’m a bit far away

    are going to make some expo in milan?