Flakked Again


Today marks my fifth appearance on Flak Photo.  The above image is part of the 20 WINTER PICTURES feature running on Flak through Jan. 15th.  I highly recommend checking out the other images in the series that have already run.  It’s a very strong group of pictures.  I took this picture on assignment for Outside Magazine.  I have talked about this before…how when I set up a portrait, I always try to compose a picture that would look good with or without a person in it.  The person is just another element or shape within the frame, and everything in the photograph needs to have a reason for being there.  So, that’s pretty much what’s happening in this picture.  I stuck a guy right smack in the middle of that road.  Of course, I made sure to save a sheet of film for a shot sans guy.  I ain’t no dummy.

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