Big Baby

Big Baby © Emily Shur

One of many strange sights I saw and photographed in Arizona over Thanksgiving. There will be more soon. I’m not sure what to do with these pictures…I actually shot quite a bit over the course of that trip. I also actually like a lot of the pictures. Now, what becomes of them? Do they get lumped into the ever growing Emily Archive of interesting but singular images? If they did, is that doing them an injustice? I guess that answer comes from the question, “Why do I take these pictures?” If the purpose is to make an epic statement about Arizona, then I probably would keep them separate and go back to Arizona and continue shooting. However, that is not the purpose. The pictures are for me, but I am still not sure where they will ultimately end up.

4 comments to Big Baby

  • AcesNines

    I struggle with this a bunch, as I'm not much of a series shooter.

    I think that it comes down to: does it really matter? Do you HAVE to shoot series? What about having a section of your website where you just upload shots? You could even call it "singular" or "random."

    I don't think there's any problem with that, personally.

  • ryan schude

    i agree with aces. just lump them all together. they are connected by their lack of a connection. but, also, what the hell is going on in this image? are those huge cutouts?

  • I love this image. It is just so wierd, and vaguely menacing.

    I feel you re the prevailing expectation that no otherwise excellent image should see the light of day unless it’s part of a “series.”

    Whatever happened to the notion that a singular image can contain within it its story, entire and whole?

    I’ve been using my Flickr account to post such images, as a sort of sketchbook. Perhaps flickr is not the right venue; perhaps your blog, just like with this one.