I Give Thanks For….

All Images © Emily Shur 2009

…my last few remaining boxes of 4×5 Polaroid. Happy Thanksgiving.

3 comments to I Give Thanks For….

  • tom

    I'm really sorry that you guys/gals are seeing "Film" on the decline. I/We are seeing quite the opposite. Along with some very specific reasons as to why?
    Film is having a wonderful return, again for some specific reasons. Enjoy it….
    Oh, BTW, go visit B&H's new film counters. Remember an entire corner was dedicated to it's film business. Now it's on the way back and hard!

  • Philip Moy Photography | Blog

    those look great! nothing comes close to a polaroid.

  • Miles

    I still have three boxes of Type 55 in the fridge. Dreading the day it's all gone…